The Perfect Fit
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The Perfect Fit

The Benefits

The Perfect Fit, unlike any other fitness system, is unique in many ways. Along with getting into shape, you will learn Martial Arts techniques and self-defense. This system has something to offer any age, size, shape, or physical ability. The most fit body will benefit and be challenged continuously. People with general health or low fitness tolerance will benefit as they improve their physical well being with every class.

Personal Training - Woman on Elliptical

“I was bored and burned out with the same old routine at the gym. Calasanz’s Perfect Fit training is multi-dimensional and constantly focuses on new areas of development. It’s both physically and intellectually challenging … I love it!”

Jerry Manning, Westport, CT

Exercise varies from men and women in creating the appropriate body image for each. Men tend to work towards a more muscular type of form, where women generally strive for a leaner and longer form. Calasanz specializes in working with women to create a strong, fit, and still highly feminine body - that can endure the challenges of the most intense martial arts practices.  Men also benefit from the same exercises, plus they can round out their training with more aggressive martial arts.

We also specialize in body sculpting during dramatic weight loss. Knowing how to exercise correctly is the key to a successful, complete weight loss program. We will help you target areas of your body as it experiences the changes of weight loss. You will learn how to create the body you’ve always wanted.

Learn how to create a strong, beautiful body and maintain it for the rest of your life. Through the Perfect Fit you can sculpt your body into the fittest condition possible, achieve your fitness goals, improve current sports activities, and learn something new and exciting at the same time.

  • Improved Health & Well Being
  • Better circulation
  • Extended Life Span
  • Less Stiffness & Better Joint Mobility
  • Improved Athletic Ability
  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Endurance
  • Balance
  • Coordination
  • Body Unity & Awareness
  • Improved Physique
  • Weight Loss
  • Toning & Sculpting