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The Perfect Fit

The Training

The Calasanz System is much different from the traditional routines followed in a gym.

The only equipment required: free weights and ankle weights. For those who prefer to use their exercise equipment, we incorporate this into their program. But eventually, most people prefer to learn and practice our exercises with free weights because they are incredibly effective and cover more ground than any one machine used in a traditional gym.

Our exercises increase strength, flexibility, endurance, balance, coordination, and agility immediately and have proven time and time again to benefit other sports activities.

Personal Training - Young Athletes Karate

“After 3 months training in the Calasanz System at home, my tennis game has even improved; my serve is stronger and more consistent … and I’m faster to the ball than ever … and my stamina has vastly improved!

Tony Esposito, Wilton, CT

The Perfect Fit specializes in personal training for overall fitness, weight loss, body sculpting, athletic conditioning/improvement, self-defense, and combat sports.  It is a unique way of getting into shape and has endless benefits. The training is customizable to your interests and current abilities.  Your trainers will encourage you to go past your limits but never force you into something you do not want to do.

Disciplines within The Calasanz System™

  • Aerobic Self Defense
  • Aerobic Isolation & Isometric
  • Kickboxing
  • Wing Chun Kung Fu
  • American Boxing
  • Chinese Boxing
  • Okinawa Goju Ryu Karate
  • Tai Chi Wing Chun
  • Street Survival & Self Defense
  • Wing Chun Ground Fighting
  • American Kickboxing
Personal Training - Pad Boxing

THE CALASANZ SYSTEM™ blends the best parts of these disciplines into a unified whole. You can try all of them or concentrate on one that is most appealing to you. Again, the choice is yours. There is so much in this system to choose from.

For instance, if you are interested in fitness, you may want to focus on Aerobic Isolation & Isometric. If you’d like to experience the boxer’s workout without having to get into a ring to fight, American Boxing may be for you. This program includes the exercises boxers use to burn calories, work different muscle groups, and is an excellent cardiovascular workout.

If you’re a competitive boxer or MMA competitor you may choose to do some of the Aerobic Isolation & Isometric exercises to improve your muscle endurance, cardio, strength, flexibility, and speed.

If you’re looking for practical self-defense, Street Survival may be for you. If you have a black belt in karate, you may choose to round out your training with a softer style like Wing Chun Kung Fu or learn the strong grounding techniques of Chinese Boxing. If you’re looking to get into great physical shape, American Kickboxing may be for you.

Whether it’s THE CALASANZ SYSTEM™ as a whole or one of its components, you’ll never be bored! Let Calasanz and his Certified Personal Trainers create the program that’s right for you.